Fit for Purpose

The Half-Proto is made “fit for purpose”. The Half-Proto shows it all without the need for physical detailing. Facing, interlining, top stitches and pocket placement is omitted. As a result, the work to produce a Half-Proto is down to a bare minimum. The Half-Proto provides an optimal balance of costs and benefits. It is a natural extension of our digital pattern production deliverables.

“Half-Proto® Technology Builds on the Best of Tailoring Practices”

Progress without Delay

The Half-Proto® by DH Patterns and Fit is available immediately upon delivery of our first digital pattern. From the pattern-design phase our clients can move directly to a real-world design review and commence fit sessions without delay. Half-Proto’s® save 6-12 weeks development time and a full prototype.

The benefits of Half-Proto®

  • The Half-Proto eliminates the time between pattern completion and the first trial.
  • Half-Proto’s can be fitted by live models to verify the ease of movement, proportions and fit.
  • The Half-Proto can be drawn on, cut in or annotated with instructions for production, special lining requirements, or show the position of labels and inside pockets.
  • The Half-Proto eases the task of the Product Developer in tech-pack development and factory communication.
  • The Half-Proto includes a measurement chart which is printed on the Half-Proto.