Patterns and Prototypes

The development of patterns, prototypes and mock-ups is at the heart of the company. DH makes it easy to optimize the design or create variations on a theme. The focus is on fabric samples with base patterns. The toile, in accordance with industry requirements, demonstrates the quality of fit and presents the results to designer, design-engineers and manufacturer. Moreover, the toile is made in a manner enabling them to form the basis for the development of a digital pattern or fit block. Half-Proto® allows the brand owner to review the design immediately upon completion of the pattern without delay, thus saving valuable development time and resources. The pattern development technique requires tailoring skills that are only gained at leading fashion academies and years of practice. DH and her team has those skills. The company has access to numerous experienced pattern makers and modelists, also for knitwear, to fulfill the peak-loads of the seasonal design cycle of multiple clients simultaneously. DH halves the number of prototypes from the factory; the fit is correct upon first delivery. Design-engineers can immediately focus on the manufacturability, production costs, trim and detailing of the garment. It saves valuable time and money.

gerberscreen250DH creates all difital patterns in DXF, the open file format for vector drawings. DXF allows for two-way digital pattern interchange between WisePatterns, our preferred in-house pattern design system, and all proprietary pattern making systems of clients and manufacturers. Next to WisePatterns, DH uses Gerber Accumark. File conversion services between DXF and native file formats like Gerber and Lectra, further support import and export of data for making direct changes to factory patterns, grading and markers.


Primary benefits of WisePatterns are the short learning curve (fluent in days), flexibility in pattern design (automated paper to digital conversion and construction management), productivity (competitive), open data architecture (DXF) and low investment (a quarter or less). DH is a member of the ASTM standardization society for digital pattern interchange.

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